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Using Music with Lumpectomy Surgery

Tweet Are you having a lumpectomy? Or breast surgery of any kind?  Surgery is a frightening experience and especially when the end result is so unknown!  A mass in the breast might be one thing and it might be something very different.  Anxiety tends to run sky-high and yet you know that you don’t want […]

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Anxiety in Cancer Patients: Here's an easy intervention!

Tweet ( — Singing, playing an instrument or even just listening to music may lessen anxiety in cancer patients and improve their overall quality of life, according to a new analysis of previously published research. Music-based therapies appear to also have beneficial effects on pain levels, mood, and certain vital signs (such as blood pressure), […]

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Using Music Therapy with Cancer

Tweet Music Therapy and Cancer Bone marrow transplant patients report less nausea and pain, and a faster recoveryMusic therapy for patients who have undergone a bone-marrow transplant reduces their reports of pain and nausea and may even play a role in quickening the pace at which their new marrow starts producing blood cells, according to […]

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Music Can Heal Your Life!

Tweet Could music make your life better? I know that all of you know that I am also a musicologist and music healer. Tonight as I listened to “America’s Got Talent” I was so touched by a woman who sang her heart out and the judges loved her. When asked how she felt after this […]

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Music Therapy with Breast Cancer Patients

Tweet Research on music therapy in people with cancer There have been studies showing that music therapy can help people who’ve had cancer to feel less anxious, more relaxed, and to feel less pain. In a very preliminary 2001 British study of music therapy in 29 cancer patients, participants felt a higher sense of well-being […]

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Earbuds support music therapy and breast cancer research

Tweet Earphones Support Music Therapy, Breast Cancer Research The fourth Limited Edition design of chicBuds Swarovski Crystal Retractable Earphones was released on July 1, supporting Breast Cancer Research, adding to the three formerly released limited edition designs, including AIDS Awareness supporting Compassion International’s AIDS program, Lover’s Heart Series for Valentine’s Day and 2 More Hours […]

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