Healing Music or Music Healing?

Music is healing!  To the mind, the body and the spirit.  Almost everyone on the planet has some sort of music that they really, really love and choose to listen to!  But is it the music itself that heals and soothes, or is it about the person performing it, or is it the method of delivery, i.e. live, ambient (recorded and played through speakers in the room) or through headphones?

For almost 25 years I have been researching, performing and writing about healing music.  I have always believed that a live performance is the most healing.  For people who are willing to try vocal toning, or drumming or playing an instrument, this is best.  After that, a live performance is best.  My music medicine mentors, Arthur Harvey, Don Campbell, and Alfred Tomatis taught me that the intention behind a live performance is a key to its effectiveness.  Unfortunately, a live performance is not always possible.  For me, the next best thing is a recording of acoustic healing music through high quality headphones.

The piece of music I am playing in this YouTube video is one of my favorite pieces of healing music.  J.S. Bach did not characterize this piece as “healing music,” but I think if he were here today he would agree.  What do YOU think?


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