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Alice and Heidi

Healing Music comes in many forms

Tweet Have you experienced the healing power of music?  Since the beginning of time, humans have been powerfully drawn to rhythm, to harmony and to melody.  The original “music” consisted of the sounds of nature:  waves lapping the shore, the wind through the pines and palms, the babbling brook and the gentle rain. Today, every […]

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NPR story on Music with Surgery documents the benefits!

Tweet Surgery with music is a topic that I’ve spent that last 25 years writing and speaking about.  It is such an easy yet powerful intervention for the patient who is filled with anxiety and dread Now this wonderful meta-analysis has been published in the “Lancet,” a prestigious and highly respected British medical journal.  I […]

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Why You Need to Use Music during Joint Replacement Surgery

Tweet With the aging of the Babyboomers, comes the need for replacing our worn-out and achy joints.  We Babyboomers have been very hard on our bodies, with jogging, running and aerobics skyrocketing to popularity when we were young and foolish.  It was also during many of our teen years that fast-food became extremely popular and […]

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Safer Surgery, Faster Recovery!

Surgical Headphones Being Used in More Hospitals

Tweet Surgical Headphones are being used in more and more hospitals.  As people learn about our Surgical Serenity Headphones they want to use them.  People remember reading about them and know  that they will use them if they are told that they need surgery.  That’s exactly what happened with a customer today and she  will be “practicing” with them over […]

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Anxiety reduction through music

Patient anxiety reduced with proper music

Tweet Patient anxiety can be debilitating before surgery of any kind.  We’ve known for a long time that listening to calm, comforting, soothing music before surgery could do the same thing as the drugs…and without the risk of adverse reactions.   Overly and unnecessarily sedating the patient should be avoided.  Today another study appeared also […]

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Research on Music with Surgery Pours In

Tweet A new clinical study on the effects of music in the PACU (post-anesthesia care unit) has just come in from Sweden. The final result is that “These findings promote use of listening to music to establish a healing environment for patients in a postanaesthesia care unit.” Patients’ perception of music versus ordinary sound in […]

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Plastic surgery and …criminology???

Tweet Plastic Surgery and criminology? This is a different kind of post, but I thought it was interesting and I would share it with you. Enjoy! Drug Kingpin who’d had Plastic Surgery nailed by computer voice recognition! In a story that brings to mind John Woo’s “Face-off” which starred John Travola and Nic Cage as […]

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