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NPR story on Music with Surgery documents the benefits!

Tweet Surgery with music is a topic that I’ve spent that last 25 years writing and speaking about.  It is such an easy yet powerful intervention for the patient who is filled with anxiety and dread Now this wonderful meta-analysis has been published in the “Lancet,” a prestigious and highly respected British medical journal.  I […]

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Healing Music Delivery: What’s Best?

Tweet What is the best method for healing music delivery?  People want to know if live music, recorded music through headphones or speakers is best?  And the fact is, all of the above are viable and effective choices if you want to use the music you love for healing purposes.  As a general rule, live […]

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Everyday Qi Teleseminar is a Smashing Success

Tweet Today was the first Everyday Qi Teleseminar and thousands of people registered for it.  Dr. Ellen Britt of put on a wonderful show and interviewed me and asked questions that people were typing in while we talked.  We had listeners from not only all around the U.S. but also from Austrailia, Austria, Canada […]

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