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Healing Music 101 studies music with preemies

Tweet Every Sunday afternoon our Healing Music 101 class looks at a different aspect of healing with music. Today we talked about the tremendous benefits of music with preemies. These babies are so tiny that they actually can’t be touched very much. The harp music provides a sensory experience for the preemies and their caregivers […]

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The Power of Singing to the Unborn Child (a must-see!)

Tweet When I go out to speak at conferences and associations and universities, I often tell this story of “The Miracle of a Brother’s Song.” It is such a powerful story and brings home all of the healing you can have just “for a song!” Don’t miss it! My “Lullaby” CD has created quite a […]

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Lullabies for Mothers and Others

Tweet Pregnant women are concerned about lots of thing; some they can do something about and some they can’t.  Often, the more psychologically aware women are worried about bonding with their baby, especially if it’s their first child.  One of easiest and most enjoyable things you can do is to begin listening to some lullabies […]

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The musical pacifier, great for preemies!

Tweet The musical, preemie pacifier I thought I had heard it all when I was first told about the musical pacifier, but when I began to understand all the benefits, I changed my mind!The smallest baby ever to survive was born just a few months ago, weighing in at just under 10 ounces — the […]

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Current Research documents benefits of music during pregnancy

Tweet Current Research on Music Therapy during Pregnancy Effects of music therapy on psychological health of women during pregnancy. Chang MY, Chen CH, Huang KF. National Tainan Institute of Nursing, Taiwan. I think that most women know intuitively that listening certain kinds of music during pregnancy really calms them down, soothes and comforts them. And […]

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Benefits of Healing Music–Priceless!

Tweet Music is a great mood regulator, whether it’s used in conjunction with exercise or not. Loud, upbeat music generally has a stimulating effect, whereas slow music can act as a sedative. It’s very encouraging that more and more health professionals are beginning to realize the value of simple techniques such as music, using it […]

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Man sings to baby girl during her open-heart surgery!

Tweet Man sings to infant daughter during surgery Just moments ago I read about a man who sang a love song to his six-month-old daughter during her open-heart surgery. The original citation of this can be found at What a beautiful thing! I would love to know more about this story but it definitely […]

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