Components of Healing Music: Instruments

Good afternoon and welcome to lesson 7 of “Components of healing Music.”  Today we get to the important topic of instruments!

Healing music comes in many different shapes and forms.  Healing music can be familiar, it can be unfamiliar.  It can be soft and quiet or it can be full and swells and lulls (crescendos and decrescendos).  It can be a single instruments, a small ensemble or a full orchestra.  It could also be a single voice, a small vocal ensemble or a large chorus.

There are many, many variables and (as I said yesterday) a lot depends on a person’s previous life and also their musical experience to that point.  When talking with other experts about healing music, one of the “hot topics” seems to be whether acoustic instruments are a must, or whether or not synthethesized sounds can also be healing.  This is a very controversial topic because even though synthesizers have really improved a lot over the past 25-30 years, they still lack the vibrational richness and intention that is created with acoustic instruments and, of course, the human voice.

Still, there are many composers whose synthesized music has been very powerful for me and my journey.  Particular favorites for me include Don Campbell’s “Crystal Meditations,”  Constance Demby’s “Through the Stargate,” and Steve Halpern’s “Chakra Suite.”  My experience is that I can enjoy and benefit from either.  The effect is very different because I grew up exclusively on acoustic music but have become accustomed to enjoying and appreciating good quality synthesized sounds and music.

By the same token, I have come to love, enjoy and benefit from the sound healing experiences with crystal bowls, tuning forks, and other very non-traditional instruments.  I would love to know and hear about your experiences and preferences for healing music instruments!

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