Components of Healing Music: Timbre

When you think of healing music, what instrument or voice do you think of?  Thing of a simple tune that you love:  “The Gift to be Simple,” “Amazing Grace,” or a beautiful lullaby.  Now imagine that melody sung, played by a flute, played by a trumpet or played on a violin.  If you can close your eyes and hear it all the way through on each of those instruments, I think you would agree that each rendition has its own effect on you and its own unique sound.

That’s what musical “timbre” is about.  Each instrument or voice has it’s own unique sound characteristics.  You can hear a favorite melody played on a unusual instrument, let’s say the bagpipes, and easily recognize that it’s not a flute or a piano, or a tuba.  That’s because each instrument, even though playing the same tune at the same tempo, same key and same melody sounds different, depending on the timbre of the instrument chosen.

Today, when you listen to music on the radio, iPod or whatever, pay attention to the timbre of the instruments and how that affects you!

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