Healing Music Delivery: What’s Best?

headset-live-childbirth-200What is the best method for healing music delivery?  People want to know if live music, recorded music through headphones or speakers is best?  And the fact is, all of the above are viable and effective choices if you want to use the music you love for healing purposes.  As a general rule, live music is always the best, but it’s just not always practical to have a live and capable musician playing in your living room, hospital room, operating room or bedroom.

To have music being specially chosen and played for you by a music therapist is ideal, but that is probably not available to you very often.  In New York City, Los Angeles and other large cities, live musicians and music therapists go to the operating room, the delivery room, the ICU, CCU, and individual patients rooms to provide patient-chosen music, but in the vast majority of hospitals, this is not available to patients.

So how can you benefit from the healing powers of music in the most effective way?  The next set of choices include recorded music through personal headphones, speakers in the wall of perhaps a boombox or CD player with speakers in the room.  Patients occasionally use their own iPods or Iphones with earbuds, which are far from ideal!  Not only do their iPods and iPhones bring lots of germs with them, they do have cords that can become entangled with other objects, and the ear-buds are notorious for falling out!

The operating rooms that have speakers in the wall are set up for playing music for the surgeon.  For several decades now, surgeons are choosing and playing music that they like and that they believe the patient will enjoy while going under sedation.  The problem there is that what the doctor likes and often chooses is high energy music that is good for him and his work, but the music the patient needs is slow, steady, soothing music that will allow the phenomenon of entrainment to kick in and relax the patient without as much medication.

Just being aware of these various pros and cons will give you a tremendous advantage when planning your surgery, chemo, cosmetic procedure or other medical procedure.  To purchase the Serenity Headphones, go to www.SurgicalSerenitySolutions.com.

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