Instruments of Healing Music: The Flute

The flute is a beautiful and ancient instrument.  The one to the left is what we call “Pan Pipes” and are referred to often in ancient literature and mythology.   Some scholars believe that the first instruments were the percussion or “struck” instruments and the the flute came next as humans picked up reeds and blew through them, or sometimes created flutes from animal bones.

In ancient times, no one knew why people got sick but the widely held belief was the evil spirits came down and caused illness in people with whom they were displeased.  Humans came up with lots and lots of ways to appease the spirits and music was one of those things!

Many animals were considered to be lucky and so if you created a flute from the bone of one of many prized animals, your chance of healing your illness with music played to please and appease, then you could likely live for at least a few more days!

Tomorrow, we’ll take a luck at percussion instruments of healing.

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