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Which is the most powerful emotional instrument?

Tweet That may seem like an impossible question to answer, and yet people do ask this question.  I believe that the human voice is probably the most powerful instrument because of the infinite gradations of emotion that can be expressed with the voice.  When you add the element of acting and facial expression and bodily […]

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What's the difference between music therapy and music medicine/music healing?

Tweet This is a question that I get a lot.  Many people, maybe most, assume that these descriptions are all interchangeable and there is definitely a lot of overlap.  Music therapists will tell you that in order for music therapy to be administered, there must be a trained music therapist present to help the patient […]

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Instruments of Healing Music: The Human Voice

Tweet Volumes and volumes have been written about the human voice and its capabilities and unending possibilities.  The thought of doing just a blog post on this is a bit daunting, but important nevertheless. When learning about healing music, I believe that it’s important to recognize that each of us already has everything we need […]

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Instruments of Healing Music: The Flute

Tweet The flute is a beautiful and ancient instrument.  The one to the left is what we call “Pan Pipes” and are referred to often in ancient literature and mythology.   Some scholars believe that the first instruments were the percussion or “struck” instruments and the the flute came next as humans picked up reeds and […]

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Instruments of Healing Music: The Harp

Tweet What’s the very best instrument for playing healing music?  That is a question that I get asked quite frequently.  I wish I could answer that question definitively for you, but of course it’s one of those personal taste matters! What is beautiful and healing and soothing and comforting for one person, could be absolutely […]

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Components of Healing Music: Modes, Whole-tone and Pentatonic Scales

Tweet Today is the final lesson in this series on the components of healing music.  The component I’ve chosen is similar to yesterday’s lesson on Major and Minor but goes back in time hundreds if not thousands of years! In the 800-700’s BC, the music played in ancient Greece was not played in major and […]

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Components of Healing Music: Major or Minor Key

Tweet Today is lesson nine of the series on components of healing music and I want to start, as always, with a disclaimer:  my thoughts and ideas about components and definitions of healing music are not absolute.  They are my own subjective ideas based on a lifetime of being a musician, a teacher, a performer […]

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Components of Healing Music: Rhythm

Tweet Of all the components of healing music that you might be familiar with,  rhythm is the one that can often hook people into a healing experience the fastest!   Rhythm is simply a pattern of long and short notes, sometimes fast, sometime slow, that creates a repetitive sequence that encourages predictability and a feeling of […]

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