Is all rap bad?? Of course not!

When I wrote this post, I never dreamed I would get so many comments from other people, I’ve chosen to post just a select few, but the fun thing is that so many people recognize “Fur Elise” prominently featured in this wonderful hip=hop song!!

I’m always taken aback when someone says to me that they “hate” rap music, or that it’s nothing but noise and hateful, dangerous messages.   It’s what I call “contempt prior to investigation.”  In my experience, there is no class, category or genre of music that is totally without merit…including rap.

I don’t remember when I first heard this song, but it was probably around 2003?  I was driving to Hilton Head Island for a wonderful vacation and the radio stations were limited, so I was just listening to whatever the strongest signal was and trying to learn a little about other kinds of music than my preferred kind.  Suddenly this song came on and the words just blew me away.  I loved it!!  I did my best to find out who the artist was and what the name of it was.

I was playing it for a colleague the other day who pointed out to me that underlying the whole song is a motive from Beethoven’s “Fur Elise!”  I couldn’t believe that that had not risen to my consciousness but there it was.  I hope you’ll enjoy this,  listen to it many times and share it with friends.

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    yes indeed! February 28, 2011 at 12:36 pm #

    Nas is declared to be “one of the GREATEST hip hop artists of all times” by many if NOT the GREATEST! His music reveals messages for all demographics; his music is uplifting and honest! He is more than just a rapper he is a TRUE artist and wants his music to convey a message to his listeners (young and mature audience)! He recently revealed to MTV that he wants to continue to “evolve as a great artist!” Hip hop does receive a bad name but Nas is one of those artists that truly have something to say even if it offends you…LOL! Here is a list of some other Nas’ songs you can listen to: Heaven, Dance, One Mic Bridging The Gap, Project Windows, & Rule ect. Although, Nas does not get the media/radio attention he deserves at times compared to some of his hip hop peers (IMO because he is considered a positive/controversial artist for the most part) but he is still measured as one of hip hop’s most influential artists!

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