Music and the Super Bowl: Revisited

I know what you’re thinking:  what in the world does music have to do with the Super Bowl??  Well, in my mind, of course, everything has to do with music!  When I think of the Super Bowl, the questions that come to mind are:

  • Who’s singing the National Anthem?
  • Who will perform  the half-time show?
  • What music/sounds will accompany the million-dollar commercials?

Last year, I was super excited because an internationally-known opera singer was going to sing the national anthem.  Yes, Renee Fleming sang the national anthem and it was probably the highlight of the whole evening for me, even though I actually do enjoy football!

This performance was quite controversial I found out, because many sports fans want to sing along with the national anthem and this was a slow, emotional, soulful performance of the this famous song, and not one that could easily be sung along with!

Check out her performance here:


Soooo…guess who’s singing it this year!  Another very different kind of singer.  One who’s name is not well-known among citizens above age 10, but it’s none other than Idina Menzel, famous singer of the hit song “Let it Go” from Disney’s blockbuster “Frozen!”  I’m actually really looking forward to that too, but it will be so interesting to hear the reactions of the fans!

Hearing a beautiful rendition of our national anthem to me, is a truly healing experience, especially now when our country is going through so much turmoil, both here and internationally.  Let’s listen to it with an open mind and an open heart and see where it takes us!

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