Music with Dental Procedures: Does anything help the pain?

Music with Dental Procedures

Surgical Serenity headphones in dentistry

Music with dental procedures is getting lots of attention in the press and from dentists.  Many people in this world are TERRIFIED of going to the dentist, and they postpone and cancel so many times that by the time they get there, their teeth have really serious issues that are, inevitably, painful to repair.

I learned long ago that when a person, man, woman, or child is laid back on her back and a person that she doesn’t know very well gets 4-6 inches from her face with a sharp and noisy tool, that often causes pain, it can be traumatic.  This has almost always been my experience.  I’ve had wisdom teeth pulled, multiple crowns,  dozens of fillings, and the Invisalign braces!  Music with dental procedures could help so much!

I had the same dentist for almost 40 years, and when he retired earlier this year, I was actually sad.  He had done everything possible for his patients, to make them comfortable and get us through.  At various time, he used not only novocaine, but also nitrous oxide, 3-D vision goggles, radio through headphones, and virtual reality machine. He had TVs in every room on a shelf in the corner as well as embedded in the ceiling, but I still was dreading every visit and clinching the arms of the chair for dear life!

Could the Surgical Serenity Solution have helped me?  Of course.  Now I have experienced their power, as this photo with my new dentist shows.  She is very gentle and kind, and with the Serenity Headphones and a little nitrous oxide, I did not even need the novocaine!!  I was really quite ecstatic, as novocaine shots are one of the things I dread, not to mention being numb for usually three hours afterwards!

Recently, I’ve had customers who used the headphones for dental implants, crowns, and even just cleanings!  If you don’t like going to the dentist, we now have a patient model for under $100!  They can be re-used after your appointment and you can even change the music on them!  Go HERE to buy!!

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