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Components of Healing Music: Major or Minor Key

Tweet Today is lesson nine of the series on components of healing music and I want to start, as always, with a disclaimer:  my thoughts and ideas about components and definitions of healing music are not absolute.  They are my own subjective ideas based on a lifetime of being a musician, a teacher, a performer […]

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Components of Healing Music: Instruments

Tweet Good afternoon and welcome to lesson 7 of “Components of healing Music.”  Today we get to the important topic of instruments! Healing music comes in many different shapes and forms.  Healing music can be familiar, it can be unfamiliar.  It can be soft and quiet or it can be full and swells and lulls […]

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Understanding Human Obsession: Music

Tweet This Is Your Brain On Music: understanding a human obsession Daniel Levitin  BUY HERE NOW ISBN 978 1 84354 715 0 “With a neuroscientist’s conviction that the as-yet inexplicable is just shadows and dust and cryptic meaning, Daniel Levitin sets out to explain why collections of easily-recognisable sounds have such a profound impact on […]

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What Makes Music Sound So Sweet (or Not)

Tweet ) — Ever since ancient times, scholars have puzzled over the reasons that some musical note combinations sound so sweet while others are just downright dreadful. The Greeks believed that simple ratios in the string lengths of musical instruments were the key, maintaining that the precise mathematical relationships endowed certain chords with a special, […]

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The Brain and Music: A Therapeutic Duet

Tweet “Zip-a-dee doo dah, Zip-a-dee-ay …” –A. Wrubel, R. Gilbert “Do-wah diddy-diddy dum diddy-do …” –The Moffats “Super-cali-fragilistic-expialidocious …” –The Sherman Brothers “What an odd thing it is to see an entire species–billions of people–playing with, listening to, meaningless tonal patterns, occupied and preoccupied for much of their time by what they call ‘music.”‘ –Oliver […]

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Music Can Heal the Brain

Tweet Over the years, researchers have studied the various effects of music on human health, intelligence, and well-being.  More recently, researchers came to fascinating conclusions regarding music’s medicinal qualities:  music can heal the brain.   Music’s various positive benefits reach diverse groups of people: adolescents involved with music perform better in school , music increases […]

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Music and the Brain: Meet Melody Gardot

Tweet This morning on CBS Sunday Morning there was a fabulous, inspiring, uplifting story!  Definitely wanted to share this with all my readers! Her sultry voice has made Melody Gardot an international sensation. Her latest album, “My One and Only Thrill,” has dazzled critics in the U.S., and sold more than half a million copies […]

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Your Brain on Music: A video

Tweet The research team showed that music engages the areas of the brain involved with paying attention, making predictions and updating the event in memory. Peak brain activity occurred during a short period of silence between musical movements—when seemingly nothing was happening. Beyond understanding the process of listening to music, their work has far-reaching implications […]

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Gift of music thrills Holy Angels

Tweet New program enables people with disabilities to perform with even the slightest motion. The musical instrument is invisible – played by hand movements or nods of the head. Sounds showering the air may be like the sweet purr of a harp or a full orchestra’s blast. The players are residents of Belmont-based Holy Angels, […]

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