Gold Medal Winners and their National Anthems

Are you watching the Olympics?  Today is the 13th day and I’m thoroughly enjoying all of it, but after the races, the games, the dives and the jumps, I absolutely LOVE watching the Gold Medal Winners listen to the National Anthem of their country!

So often, these charming young people start out beaming and sometimes gigling a little as they realize what is happening.  Then, if they know they words to their national anthem and are so inclined, they will being shyly and tentatively to sing a little of it.  Almost invariably, as they begin to sing, their faces begin to show emotion:  pride, gratitude, amazement and more, and then the tears come.  These are not tears of sadness because, after all, they’ve just won a Gold Medal at the Olympics!  But the progression of demeanor and emotion is predictable, whether USA, China, Canadian, Great Britain or wherever!  It really is a beautiful thing to watch.

I just sort of wish the coaches or parents or someone would teach them the words before they go, so that they can proundly sing when they get their Gold Medal!!  Take note!

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