Hello world! Welcome to the brand-new Healing Music Enterprises Blog!

Greetings to all my readers, old and new.  Many of you have been with me for 10 years or more online!  Isn’t that amazing?  When I first started my site back in 1997 I was primarily interested in researching the benefits of tone and chant, thus the screen name “chantdoc.”  Over the past decade I have traveled around the world and people from all walks of life have asked me about how to use music with their newborn, their elderly parent, their teenager, etc., etc.  As a result I have dived headfirst into all of these areas (and many more!) and have discovered the amazing, powerful and multi-faceted uses of music in everyday life. 

I sincerely believe that my purpose in life is to help people learn how to use the music they already love to improve their lives, heal their lives, and maximize their potential.  There is so much mis-information out there about medications, illness, supplements, and gadgets that people get terribly confused and just throw it all out the window.  I would like this blog to be one place where people can come and get sound information that is easy implement and brings results, sometimes almost immediately!

So, read the blog daily for maximum learning about the healing power of music.  By the way, my other blogs will stay functional.  The difference between this blog and the others is just that this will be housed on my site instead of on blogger.  As always, if you have questions please don’t hesitate to send them in.

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