Music's Healing Power: Medicine of the Future

Those of you that have been following my website ezine and my other blogs may wonder why I am starting yet another blog.  This is really kind of an experiment.  The bottom line is, I want to get the word about music’s healing power out to as many people as possible and the “gurus” tell me that have a WordPress blog that is “housed” on my site is the way to go!  So, I’ll give it a try.  Please let me know how you like it!

I’d like to let you know tonight that there has been a lot in the news lately about Mozart!  One newspaper article from Sacramento, CA talked about police playing Mozart over loudspeakers in parking lots where gangs were gathering and causing lots of problems.  After Mozart was recruited to help fight crime, these players moved elsewhere!  Another article talked about a new portrait of Mozart that was recently found in Austria.  Art scholars say that this is the most important, authentic portrait of Mozart found since his death in 1791.  The 19-by-14-inch oil painting shows the profile of a man in a bright red jacket. Cliff Eisen said Friday that it is only the fourth known authentic portrait of Mozart from his time when the composer was at his professional height in Vienna, Austria.

The final Mozart article dealt with “Dr. Mozart” and all of the uses being studied and documented for using Mozart’s music for stress management, heart problems and now, epilepsy!  Because each of these articles is rather lengthy let me suggest that is you want to read the entire piece go to  I’ll be posting to the blog several times a week so let me know what YOU’D like to know more about in the area of music healing, music medicine or music therapy!  See ya online!

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