Music and Hip Replacements?

Music and Hip Replacements

This morning I was working with a new client of mine who is having total hip replacement surgery. She’s 75 years old and has had a couple of unfortunate surgical experiences lately in large hospitals. This time she’s decided to go with a small local hospital and to try some alternative therapies along with the traditional. In looking online she found my site, and loads of information about music and surgery. She immediately set up a 30-minute consultation which we had this morning. She’s come up with the idea that she’ll get two brand-new Ipod shuffles and use one fo the pre ad post surgery music and one for the surgery music. In talking with her, we came up with several different ideas for her music and I told her how to download it on her computer and then upload it to her iPod. Technology is amazing! Having surgery? Please give me a call so that I can help YOU!

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