Music and the Olympics: the Role of Music

It’s been a wonderful evening of watching the opening of the 2012 Olympics, and I can’t help wondering if they would be nearly as powerful without the music. This theme that I’m sharing with you is now the most famous music ever composed for the Olympics. It is recognized by people all over the world, men, women and children as “the” music from the Olympics!  The famous theme by movie composer, John Williams.  This man is probably  the Mozart of our time and will be remembered for hundreds of years to come.  He has the sheer genius to write theme after theme for “Star Wars,” “Star Trek,” “Superman,” “Jaws,” “E.T.” and many more.

What is the purpose of this music? I believe that it is to stir up emotion and energy in people. No matter the country, the brass fanfare, the staccato rhythms, and the short melodic range, makes this music memorable and powerful. It is like a huge musical jolt of energy, hope and pride.

After the opening ceremony tonight, we will be hearing the National Anthems of all the various countries that win the gold medals. This is another wonderful example of the power of association one has with a specific piece of music. No matter now stoic and strong the athlete may be, we often see them weep with pride and gratitude to their country when this meaningful song is played in their honor. Take note of this over the next two weeks. Another beautiful example of the power of music!

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