The Seven Components of Healing Music

The Seven Components of Healing Music are also the seven basic components of music in general.   But each of these seven components of healing music has specific parameters that are followed if a piece of music is to be healing for the listener.

Everyone knows that music makes them feel good and can easily change their mood or their energetic state. How does this happen? Well, it’s not something that you can shine a light down someone’s esophagus and find out, but you can definitely adjust this or that aspect of the music and observe what happens on the outside of a person!

For the next several days I will write about this in more detail because so many people seem to be interested in this (including me!). For today, let me just list the seven components that I will be discussing and talk about what you want to look for in each of these components in order to get the maximum effect from your music.

I believe that although many wonderful composers have written music specifically for healing purposes, we can also find thousands of hours of wonderful music that was composed hundreds of years ago that has powerful healing (not curing!) properties. Of course a lot depends on the individuals musical taste and musical history. The same piece that can be healing for one purpose can be totally unpleasant and even traumatic for another, depending on their personal life associations.

Healing music does not exist in a vacuum but is defined in relation to the person listening to that music at that time. There are certain pieces of music that I have to be in the mood for. I can love something at one time, that later that day I can’t bear to hear. It is definitely not a cut and dried matter.

These are the seven components that I’ll be discussing:








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    Mike Hudnall June 14, 2010 at 11:51 am #

    Alice, I have definitely experienced the healing power of music in my life–for example in hymns. I look forward to your series on healing powers.

  2. Dr. Alice Cash
    Dr. Alice Cash June 19, 2013 at 2:57 pm #

    Thanks, Mike! What are some of the hymns from your childhood do you particularly like or remember? Which ones have you come to love in adulthood?

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