Use music for a fussy, upset baby


Calm a crying, fussy baby

Hearing a fussy baby cry and cry and cry is very difficult for mothers and fathers. I knew before I had children that there was no way I could just let my babies cry themselves to sleep in order not to “spoil” them! I’ve never agreed with that philosophy because I believe that babies always cry for a reason: hungry, lonely, in pain, scared and hundreds more good reasons.

Scientists tell us that babies cries are very intentionally hard to ignore because if a baby cries, it needs attention of one kind or another! How about a lullaby? As a mother and a professional musician, I believe that singing, humming, or playing a recording of a lullaby, especially if it is familiar, can calm, soother and comfort a baby. Of course combining that with rocking, holding or snuggling the baby will also help.

If you played these lullabies for your baby during pregnancy, baby doesn recognize this music and often calms down very quickly. To see my lullabies and either get the download immediately or order the CD, go to fussy_babies.

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