Everyday Qi Teleseminar is a Smashing Success

Today was the first Everyday Qi Teleseminar and thousands of people registered for it.  Dr. Ellen Britt of www.Everydayqi.com put on a wonderful show and interviewed me and asked questions that people were typing in while we talked.  We had listeners from not only all around the U.S. but also from Austrailia, Austria, Canada and Western Europe!  It was really a lot of fun and I had some excellent questions.  The focus was on principles of toning, chanting, and drumming as well as good questions about music and surgery, music with fibromyalgia and concepts regarding entrainment and the isoprinciple.  I hope you were able to catch it.  I’ll even give you the link to the special package I offered.  Just go to https://www.healingmusicenterprises.com/listmailings/qi/Everyday_Qi_Package.html.  This link will be up for about a week!  Enjoy!  Alice

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