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Anxiety reduction through music

Patient anxiety reduced with proper music

Tweet Patient anxiety can be debilitating before surgery of any kind.  We’ve known for a long time that listening to calm, comforting, soothing music before surgery could do the same thing as the drugs…and without the risk of adverse reactions.   Overly and unnecessarily sedating the patient should be avoided.  Today another study appeared also […]

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Thoughts about music's power to evoke powerful emotion

Tweet Yesterday, we had our usual Sunday afternoon “Healing Music 101” class.  We had such a wonderful discussion that I thought my readers would be interested to know what some of the ideas that emerged were.  The theme of the day was sharing some specific pieces that make us feel:  sad, angry, scared or happy/energized.  […]

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Instruments of Healing Music: The Human Voice

Tweet Volumes and volumes have been written about the human voice and its capabilities and unending possibilities.  The thought of doing just a blog post on this is a bit daunting, but important nevertheless. When learning about healing music, I believe that it’s important to recognize that each of us already has everything we need […]

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Components of Healing Music: Ostinato

Tweet While teaching my “Intro to Healing Music” class the other day, the topic of the ostinato came up.   We were talking about the importance of people feeling “grounded” in order for healing to take place.  When people feel like they are connected to something stable and solid, then they can relax enough to let […]

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The Components of Healing Music: Tempo

Tweet Today is the sixth lesson in our series of “The Components of Healing Music.”  Please remember that these components are not absolutes and are definitely open to interpretation.  Music as a whole is very personal and each of us has our inner filters that we bring to our own interpretation of a piece of […]

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