Instruments of Healing Music: The Human Voice

Volumes and volumes have been written about the human voice and its capabilities and unending possibilities.  The thought of doing just a blog post on this is a bit daunting, but important nevertheless.

When learning about healing music, I believe that it’s important to recognize that each of us already has everything we need to heal with music because of our voices.  You don’t have to go out and buy a harp or a piano or a fancy drum.  You arrived here equiped with a voice and the voice, in all it’s different ranges and strengths and vowel sounds is more than adequate to create healing sounds and to calm and energize you.

The practice of “toning” with your voice is something that I’ve been teaching to people around the world for over 20 years.  Toning is simply the release of an inhaled breath on a vowel sound of aaaaa-eeeee-ahhhhh-oooooh-or ouuuuu.  When practiced in different positions and in different pitch ranges, high, medium, or low, many physical changes can be induced.  To learn more about toning, click HERE

Then there’s the whole phenomenon of singing familiar songs with other like-minded people that is very empowering and the basis for worship and hymns and anthems.  Spirituality and healing is a fascinating topic and one in which music plays a tremendous role.  To learn more about music and spirituality, go HERE.    I also have a blog on toning and chant, go HERE. as well as a blog on music and spirituality, go HERE.

The opportunities for using the human voice for healing, calming, comforting, empowering, energizing and feeling connected to something greater than yourself are infinite!  I hope you’ll begin exploring the healing powers of your voice today!

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    kathryn griffiths June 30, 2010 at 9:59 am #

    I agree… nothing can beat the human voice. That’s the reason I love acapella so much… no interference with the voice.

    My daughter and grand daughter have magnificent voices. The talent was pass through my husband. He has a wonderful, soothing mellow voice.

    I just sing in the shower.

    I checked out a couple of your videos. Good stuff.

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