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Some Patients with Coma can awaken to Music

Tweet After suffering a brain hemorrhage, 7-year-old Charlotte Neve slipped into a coma. The British girl was unconscious for several days and doctors feared she wouldn’t recover. Her mother, Leila Neve, was at her bedside when Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” started playing on the radio. Leila and Charlotte often sang the song together and […]

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Healing Music: Please do not kill the Louisville Orchestra!

Tweet The Louisville Orchestra: A Rebuttal  (from the blog of Vivian Ruth Sawyer) One really doesn’t know whether to laugh or to cry in response to   Chuck Maisch’s column about the Louisville Orchestra in the Courier- Journal on September 18, 2011. Maisch states correctly that the Louisville Orchestra has been on unstable financial footing seven […]

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Tune Your Heart with Music!

Tweet Today, music therapy is  commonly used for people undergoing a cardiac procedure and for those recovering from a heart attack or learning to cope with heart failure or other cardiovascular condition. At the Mayo Clinic, for example, the Healing Enhancement Program offers music (along with massage and relaxation therapies) for people having heart surgery. […]

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In case of illness, turn to Bach

Tweet Does Bach’s Music have a Regenerative Effect? There is an interesting article by Avis O. Gachet, “A Walk with the Master” (Charlotte Observer, August 8, 2007), which carries the subtitle “In times of trouble, teens turn to music. Let’s hope it’s Bach.” Gachet, a personal friend from far back in Hickory, relates how the […]

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Music Healing Goes Mainstream

Tweet Music Healing Goes Mainstream! Beth Israel Medical Center in New York uses music therapy to sooth their premature babies and trauma patients. The hospital finds that music eases patients’ pain, lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety and depression and allows patients to get well, faster and is less expensive than medication. Beth Israel is not […]

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